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  • December 6, 2016
  • Air Partner news

    Air Partner recently carried out a time-critical lift of a CAT scanner on behalf of a German freight forwarder. The scanner, along with its accessories, needed to be urgently transported from Germany to a hospital in Lahore, Pakistan. The total weight of the shipment was 14.5 tonnes. A charter flight was required due to the limited lifespan of the battery powering its internal systems. The aircraft used, an Antonov 12, is not palletised but the dimensions of the scanner meant that the Freight team had to arrange a conventional wide body aircraft pallet to ease the loading process.


    The request for the import handling of the equipment for one of the Embassies in Moscow came from ACEX partner from the agency network - the ABC European Air & Sea Cargo Distribution company in Zagreb.  The Embassy had no work experience with heavy cargo before as they received only mail and small sendings. There was a need in the cargo delivery to the building of the Consular department of the Embassy, and they had no load carrying transport as well as personnel for the machine unloading and placement of the equipment on the first floor of the Consular Department. Thanks to joint coordinated actions, the freight was safely brought to the destination point.

    Saco Groupair news: EDD-Control

    Saco Groupair in Frankfurt from 1 November are allowed to secure airfreight shipments with dog detection. If there are any ‘dark alerts’ where the scanners can’t see through materials or oversized shipments too big for their x-ray screening machine, the dogs can scan the cargo to allow the shipments to be handed in as screened. For further information, you can contact

    CFR Freight

    We have been focusing a lot on connecting with all of our ACG friends and partners through our route development coordinator, Rebecca Foster. Should you wish to grow your relationship with CFR in South Africa and are interested in how we can assist your airfreight business, please speak to Rebecca on to schedule a conference call with us to find some mutually-beneficial solutions